47% of Brits “hate” their car!

Kia has highlighted the importance of a test drive with research which found 47% of Brits “hate” their car – but just one-in-five drives before they buy.

Almost half of Brits feel genuine hatred towards their car according to the study – carried out by third party research company Gingercomms – with one in ten of the 2,000 respondents admitting they have lost their temper and physically lashed out in a Basil Fawlty-style attack.

Despite this, one in five still don’t take a test drive before buying.

 Kia said that a fifth of motorists who bought a new car said they wished they had taken it for a test drive, often regretting their purchase within just seven miles of leaving the showroom.

Kia Motors UK President and chief executive, Paul Philpott, said: “The research has brought up some interesting findings around the UK’s relationship with their cars, which could have been avoided if the customer invested time into a test drive.

“At Ken Jervis we understand the importance of a test drive, and this is why we have introduced an incentive which offers £1,000 off for customers who have taken a test drive at our dealership.”

 Kia said that it takes Brits an average of seven days to make a decision on a new car purchase but a test drive could prompt a decision in just seven hours.