The All New Stinger gets a real Ken Jervis Road Test!

As many of you will know, recently at Ken Jervis Kia we have had a long awaited new arrival.

The Kia Stinger has not long been in our showroom, and it has already kicked up quite a storm. The general public have fallen in love with its absolutely jaw-dropping styling, and of course the 3.3 litre, twin turbo V6 engine has helped too!

We have had a number of people drive the Stinger so far, with our technicians, sales executives, service staff and our admin staff all getting behind the wheel.

However, the first member of the public to drive the All New Stinger was a man with a racing background, and the perfect person to see what the Stinger was really made of.

Phil Longmore, from Fast Lane Go Karting, came down on Friday to show the Stinger the ropes, and he had a lot of good words to say about it. “The Stinger has completely changed the way that Kia will be seen” said Phil. “The car is very much a family friendly saloon, with enough room and doors to accommodate the modern family, but while inside the car that space does not consume the road. The car feels light and nimble in the corners, while the throttle is responsive and immediate.”

“This is the sort of car that requires you to scan the road ahead before you even think about pressing the throttle, and while it is reserved and comfortable in ‘Comfort Mode’, I would love to take it out on a track and see what the ‘Sport’ mode can really do, because it feels like the sort of car that would be great fun on a track”