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Ken Jervis Kia are aware of an increase in reports of customers receiving scam e-mails. These are called ‘phishing’ e-mails and this activity is a fraudulent way of obtaining customer details such as personal or financial information.

Recipients are being advised that they have won a major prize in an e-mail lottery and are invited to provide bank details so that prize money and a free car can be awarded to them. The contact details include the name The Ken Jervis Kia and e-mail and telephone numbers in the UK.

Several cases of these fraudulent e-mails have been reported to Ken Jervis Kia and we would like to advise that we are investigating the issue and have notified the relevant authorities.

Please be assured that these e-mails have no connection with Ken Jervis Kia and we would not request such information in this way.

If you do receive an email requesting personal information then please do not respond to the email and delete it from your system.

If you do have any concerns regarding any information that you receive from Ken Jervis Kia and are not sure of its authenticity, please call our customer services team on 01782 202782.

Ken Jervis Kia has become aware of a possible internet fraud involving false advertising of recruitment for jobs at the company.

Ken Jervis Kia wishes to warn anyone being invited to apply for work at the company that it only recruits through approved magazines, companies, or via the website. We do not use open internet recruitment.

Please be aware that fraudulent activities such as this could lead to identity theft. The details of this matter have been communicated by Ken Jervis Kia to the Police.